May 20-24


MON - No School 

TUES - Check Study Guide

WED - Chapter 13 Test

THURS - 14.1 Section WS

FRI - 14.2 Section WS 


Before each chapter, students will receive a chapter packet with worksheets for each section we will read. These are open-book, will be completed after reading, and due by the next class period. They are worth 10 points each. 

After each chapter, we will complete a study guide. The study guide questions are made from the test questions. Students will be given multiple class periods to complete the study guide. The answer key will be posted on the day we will check it in class. This is worth 20 points and will be turned in, checked, the day of the chapter test.

Each chapter has two assessments; a matching Vocabulary Test and a multiple-choice Chapter test (with one short answer question). Each assessment is worth 50 points each. 


13.1 The West.pptx 13.1 The West.pptx
Size : 440.046 Kb
Type : pptx
13.2 Trails to the West.pptx 13.2 Trails to the West.pptx
Size : 441.435 Kb
Type : pptx
13.3 Conflicts with Mexico.pptx 13.3 Conflicts with Mexico.pptx
Size : 443.662 Kb
Type : pptx
13.4 A Rush to the West.pptx 13.4 A Rush to the West.pptx
Size : 443.489 Kb
Type : pptx
Study Guide Ch. 13.docx Study Guide Ch. 13.docx
Size : 124.229 Kb
Type : docx
Study Guide KEY Ch. 13.docx Study Guide KEY Ch. 13.docx
Size : 145.323 Kb
Type : docx