March 18-22

LENT BOOK ASSIGNMENT ... Due Monday, March 25th

Monday Second Week of Lent thru Third Sunday of Lent


MON - Chapter 16; Read pages 174-175; Word Search WS

TUES - Chapter 16; Read pages 176-177; Assessment P. 179

WED - Ribbi Scavenger Hunt

THURS - Chapter 16 Test

FRI - Mass 


Most assignments are 10-20 points each.

Tests are worth 50 points each and are open-book.

Average is calculated using "Total Points"

Mass Reading Assignments (2nd Semester):

Fri, Jan. 25: Ella, Nathan, Maria, Lillian

Fri, Feb 22: Reagan, Marissa, Laura, Talia

Fri, Mar 22: Bella, Lauren, Chance, AJ

Fri, Apr 5: Gino, Mary, Matthew, Jack

Fri, May 3: Brayden, Marissa, Gino, Lillian

Fri, May 24: Ella, Lauren, Bella, Reagan

Fri, May 31: Laura & ...